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Additionally, resources are provided to enhance awareness on reporting options and support services should an incident of alleged sexual misconduct occur.If you have any questions about the policies, reporting procedures, or support opportunities on this webpage related to sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, harassment, or stalking, please contact one of the individuals below.

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These circumstances could include, but are not limited to: • The frequency of the speech or conduct; • The nature and severity of the speech or conduct; • Whether the conduct was physically threatening; • Whether the speech or conduct was humiliating; • The effect of the speech or conduct on the alleged victim’s mental and/or emotional state; • Whether the speech or conduct was directed at more than one person; • Whether the speech or conduct arose in the context of other discriminatory conduct; • Whether the speech or conduct unreasonably interfered with the alleged victim’s educational or work performance; • Whether a statement is a mere utterance of an epithet which engenders offense in an employee or a student or offends by mere discourtesy or rudeness; and/or • Whether the speech or conduct deserves the protections of academic freedom. sexual harassment exists when there are unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature where submission to, or rejection of, such conduct results in educational or employment action.b) Taking nonconsensual or abusive sexual advantage of another for one’s own advantage or benefit, or to benefit a person other than the one being exploited.

Examples of sexual exploitation include, but are not limited to:: Violence between those in a continuing relationship of an intimate or romantic nature with one another.

Retaliatory actions include, but are not limited to, threats or actual violence against the person or their property, adverse educational or employment consequences, ridicule, intimidation, bullying, or ostracism.

The University will impose sanctions on any individual found to be engaging in retaliation.

Most resources on campus fall in the middle of these two extremes; neither the University nor the law requires them to divulge private information that is shared with them, except in the rare circumstances.