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Instead of it being "/", it would now be "/thefolderosdateisin/" The following screen will appear: Click on in the above screen to continue.The next screen will appear after clicking on "install.php".I Have successfully intergrated the two systems, joomla and osdate. If you are still interested, I can supply you the system as a whole.

In example all components we provide for video conferencing, p2p private 2 way video chat, video presentations and live consultations, live streaming can be downloaded and installed prior to purchase.

Some limitations apply for the flash applications compared to licensed mode (limited time, users) but all php scripts come with source under gpl and can be changed / integrated as needed.

Using your FTP Client, right click on a folder or file, in the pop-up menu, click on properties, and there the properties (CHMOD) for that file or folder will be displayed.

Before installation: In the "public_html" folder, set the following folder permissions: FOLDER == After installation set the file permissions as low as possible. Some servers will not allow permissions lower than 644.

Many of the developers and startup sites use the free versions.