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The banks were small, but Bostjan Jazbec, governor of the Central Bank, admitted that the action had been taken “to avoid the Cyprus scenario”.

Andraz Grahek, managing partner at Capital Genetics, a consultancy in the capital Ljubljana, put it more bluntly.

It takes time, and things should be clearer after the German election — although in principle we know the essentials - that the situation is serious.” Some just wish their rulers would hurry up.

“All the young people are leaving,” said Spela Lesnik, 28, a drama producer at Maribor Theatre.

“Cyprus had an inflated banking system, and Greece had a tradition of fiscal irresponsibility — it’s not the same in Slovenia.

“But given that the markets are so unsure, that’s why Slovenia is under observation.

“The market has given Slovenia a holiday,” wrote analysts for Nomura bank on August 28.

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