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They had an amazing Riesling; barely a hint of sweetness, oily, full of lingering mineral flavors and served with an amazing appetizer created by the lead Whole Foods chef. Plus I met a number of single lesbians at this event who also enjoy wine and good food. Then start looking around for where there are cooking classes and special food events. I’ve got a few friends doing this and its been a great way to meet others in the LGBT community. And yes, LGBT travel events are great places to meet other single parents. This is one of my favorite resources for finding community, dates and just something to do where you live.

We all want our kids to be in environments that are positive and affirming for them. has recently made it unusually painful to search their site these days so use my “go to” search source, Google. I typed in “transgender meetup groups” and there were three million hits.

Not all of these venues should be a surprise, but every day I work with clients who’ve never thought of searching on the Internet to get their need to for community met.

There is so much information and its so easy to find it whether you’re using Google, Bing or Yahoo.

They have over 7,000 entries worldwide of churches that are gay welcoming along with a number of other spiritually focused resources and links.

We’re out there, all over the place but you’ve got to get out of the house!

More from Your Tango: Gay Men: Top 10 Dating Tips A favorite of mine is a special annual summer event called Camp Camp. The summer camp you dreamed about as a kid is here for you as an adult. If you’re into it, there is probably a conference with your special LGBT interest being held somewhere. Now I’m pretty sure there aren’t three million meetup groups for transgender folk out there, but it tells me that from Canada to Florida, Texas to Australia and beyond you’re out there and connections can be made. Well many of the groups are absolutely free to join.