How to skype sex video chat

Jackie, 35, who lives in Adelaide but whose fiancé is in Brisbane, was reluctant to bare all over the internet.

“I always found phone sex awkward, but I realised when he and I started Skyping that I’d actually grown comfortable masturbating without him watching,” she says. “Once I felt confident, I told him it was something I really wanted.

Sara, 24, has her own rule to avoid pervy impropriety: she makes her boyfriend sit a metre away from the computer with his hands behind his back while she puts on a show.

Despite the risks, however, most girls who’ve tried it agree that video-chat sex is too hot to pass up. “I’m so glad my boyfriend and I explored Skype sex,” Kristen says.

The only downside is that all this virtual sex can occasionally be extremely frustrating. “I’m like, F—k this vibrator – I want that penis and that body against me.” Technical Difficulties Regardless of how much of a video-chat sexpert you are, there’s always the potential for a SNAFU – a connection that slows down or cuts out during climax or an unsuspecting roommate walking in.