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You can't help but think you're supposed to see where something like this goes. Sometimes I worry he fits in too much and might linger around once we're done, and I might not want to see him anymore. We both weren't working for the same period of time, which led to a good amount of time to hang out.

He likes to watch sports, drink, eat and stay out late, just like me. But, you usually don't see him until night and after a couple drinks anyway. So that sober sex only comes in the morning, and it's usually hangover sex. But, this also meant we both didn't have much of an income between the two of us.

I've adopted this philosophy into my love life where instead of dating one guy who doesn't fit the whole bill, I'm dating two who, combined, almost do.

Let's face it: We're all constantly looking for something better than what we have.

He says it this way, "Like a good photographer who knows how to zoom-in on one detail, I had to choose to zoom-in on Candice — to the exclusion of all the other women in the room — in order to know what our potential was as a couple." Until he made that decision, even though our friendship was growing, it never could move past friendship because there were always other distractions. We're prone to anxiety over things that never happen. This is, I believe, the most practical point of advice.