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Two weeks and a handful of emails back and forth with the Camsoda crew later, I was ready for a second try.

A screen above the couch displays an error message and a chat room where men bark out explicit commands for the marionettes and their well-endowed puppet master. This is reality or, more accurately, a live 360-degree recording inside Camsoda's model house, an always-on content farm for live amateur sex.

If you ask the company's president, Daron Lundeen, it's the future of adult entertainment.

If you're watching in VR, it also requires specialized hardware and a heavy dose of patience. With a VR headset strapped to your face, how does one ask a performer to finger her co-star, pucker her butthole or reach for the rubber fist?

Even for the most adept touch-typist, single-handed key pecking is a time-consuming undertaking.

The room is largely empty save for one of those shitty IKEA floor lamps, a frat-house couch and a handful of empty exercise equipment.