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PHPizabi - Create Worlds Platforms: freebsd , linux , osx , windows New Buddy Zone Version 1.0.1 has all the features needed to run a successful social networking community like myspace, friendster.The features include the following: Browse by Zip Code, Search Users, Invite Users, Internal Mailing System, Blogs,...Unlike our previous version, you can literally take and change every aspect of the PHPizabi core to suit your needs.

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PHPizabi is one of the most reliable, safe, and solid platforms on the market, offering your users features they could only dream of.

PHPizabi has been built from the ground up to be scalable, adaptive, and modular, in order to easily wrap around the application(s) it will cover.

With your users needs in mind, we have brought you an application that will bring your website, and your business, to the next level.

Lightning fast Fast Under 0.001th of a second is the average processing time needed to parse, and output, a page with PHPizabi 8th Generation.

4n Album Version 0.91 (German & English) for php NUKE Version 6.5 allows you to offer a (Media) album to your users.

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